A Self-Paced Workbook

Living In Alignment

Knowing and living your values can be an endless source of motivation and fulfillment. But not honoring your values can result in burnout and unhappiness.

Identify Your 6 Core Values

The first step towards living in alignment with your values is knowing what your values are.

Guided Workbook

5 Activities

5 structured activities with step by step instructions and interactive worksheets in a Notion template.

Diverse Value Cards

100+ Value Cards

Capture what matters to you through 100+ value cards plus add your own cards.


Flexible Sessions

Complete in a single session or multiple sessions at your own pace. 60 to 90 minutes total.

Align Your Choices To Your Values

Start exploring how your top values are showing up in your life vs how you want them to show up. Identify new options and choose in alignment with your values.

Instant Access


Free For A Limited Time

Start identifying your 6 most important values today

  • 5 Guided Activities

  • 100+ value cards

  • Add custom value cards

  • Reusable Notion template

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